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shiatsu treatment

What is Shiatsu

Shiatsu comes from Japan and means ‘Finger Pressure’. The therapy works by applying pressure using fingers, palms, knees, etc. Stretches and joint mobilisations are also used to help correct any imbalances or problem areas.

Awareness is the First Step

What happens during Shiatsu treatment?

The treatment is tailored to each individual client and lasts approximately 75 minutes. Each session starts with a 15 minute consultation to discuss lifestyle and symptoms in order to gain a full picture of any possible issues. The consultation is followed by the actual treatment which lasts approximately an hour. The treatment takes place either on a floor mat or on a table and will be carried out while the client is fully clothed.

How to prepare for a treatment?

  • Wear loose fitting trousers and top (such as jogging bottoms and a T-shirt).
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal up to two hours before your treatment.
  • Avoid alcohol or recreational drugs prior to a treatment as this could affect the outcome.
  • Refer to the list below for any conditions not suitable for Shiatsu. If you are unsure please feel free to contact me.
  • Before your first session it would be helpful to give some thought to previous illnesses, operations, injuries, medical history, etc. which could be relevant. All information is treated confidentially.

Shiatsu is not suitable for the following conditions:

  • Infectious skin disease, rash, or open wounds
  • Immediately after surgery
  • Immediately after chemotherapy or radiation, unless recommended by your doctor
  • Osteoporosis (please consult your doctor)
  • Prone to blood clots. There is a risk of blood clots being dislodged, as with any type of massage. If you have heart disease, check with your doctor before having Shiatsu.
  • Pregnancy (please consult your doctor). Shiatsu can be beneficial after first trimester.