The Awareness Clinic
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David Shryane
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Kings Langley Treatment House

Imbalances in the body and/or mind lead to various symptoms such as tension, headaches, back pain, fatigue, digestive problems, anxiety, etc. Often these are caused by stress.

The first step on the journey to improved health and wellbeing is recognising that an issue or symptom needs to be addressed.

Receiving regular Shiatsu or Deep Tissue massage treatments is one way to deal with these issues or symptoms.

I take a holistic, complimentary approach which aims to improve the wellbeing of my clients by focusing on lifestyle and health.

At the Awareness Clinic treatments take place in a tranquil and supportive environment which allows each client the space to unwind and rebalance.

Awareness is the First Step

My approach

By working to relieve the symptoms and looking for the causes (physiological or psychological) I aim to improve the general well being of my client. Through the treatment and recommendations my objective is to encourage my client to be self sufficient in order to help prevent the symptoms from recurring.


“David is a very thoughtful and caring practitioner – you have his full attention during the session and he always carefully follows up on any issues you may have had at a previous session. The deep tissue massage suits me better than holistic oil massage as I find it better addresses my muscular tension. His treatments feel targeted to address any specific issues I have each time I see him and I always leave his practice feeling relaxed, renewed and revived! “ – Ross, Bovingdon

“I feel comfortable during and fully relaxed after a deep tissue massage treatment from David – he clearly has a good understanding of the body and how it works. I feel like my problems are taken into consideration at every treatment and that the massage is targeted to bring me back into balance by releasing muscular tension and creating a safe calm space for an hour when I can truly relax. I would highly recommend it!” – Lindsey, Bovingdon

"I had never heard of Shiatsu before so was intrigued with the idea of trying a new therapy.  There was nothing particularly wrong with me, just a whole lot of little things and stiffness due to lack of exercise.  My first visit was an introduction to a wonderful new way to relax and stretch every part of my body.  During the session I found that David's smooth flowing work out was very soothing and I could put my worries to one side.  The feeling of well-being afterwards is not only physical, but mental and spiritual as well.  I highly recommend a session or two with David."- Brenda, London

"I have had quite a few shiatsu sessions with David now and from the moment you meet with him he makes you feel completely at ease.  I am always so relaxed and uplifted after seeing him and he is very knowledgeable and confident in what he is doing. He will always ask if there is a particular area I want him to work on and often picks out things I don't even need to tell him about.  Amazing! David treats the sessions in the utmost confidence and being someone who has a hectic life it would always be him I would go to if I need to step out of myself and create a whole new wellbeing.  I always leave his sessions floating on air! Thoroughly recommended............" - Louise, London

"David has a very open and professional manner. He is a great listener and is empathic. He takes a holistic approach to healing and wants to hear about what is going on in your life and is interested in how that affects the body. His sessions are relaxing and I have left feeling uplifted and energised." - Kathy, London

"David's shiatsu treatments have helped me to improve my feeling of general health. Before his treatments, I felt stiff and achy, particularly following exercise. His treatments are gentle but firm and leave me relaxed with a feeling that my body is in alignment. I would recommend him highly to improve your general feeling of well being or to address specific health problems." - Charles, Hungerford